Website Design & Development

Having a good website is no longer an option; it is a requirement for businesses in every industry. The Internet is your number one opportunity for attracting new customers and connecting with you current client base. We’re here to make that easy for you.


Responsive website design is a method of coding and design that allows the site content to automatically stretch and reformat for any screen size. We build all of our sites responsively, ensuring that regardless of the device being used to access your website, your potential customer will have the best experience possible. From a 5″ cell phone to a 50″ TV, all of your new website’s buttons will be functional, all of the fonts will be legible, and all of the features will be accessible. It’s that simple.

Why You Need a Responsive Website:

  • 2 hours is the average daily mobile device usage for Americans
  • 25% of Americans only access the Internet with a mobile device
  • 57% won’t recommend a company that has a poor mobile website
  • Over 20% of Google searches originate from mobile devices

Source: WhippleHill

WordPress CMS

We develop our custom websites in WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). Your website will be as easy for you to edit as a Microsoft Word document, with all of the advanced coding taken care of by our web designers. Leave the coding to us, but take full control of your content with simple blog posting, content editing, plus drag-and-drop image uploads!

SEO Ready

All of our custom sites are built in accordance with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Both your customers and Google are going to love your new website!

Built for Speed

Our sites are also built with load time in mind, an important feature for users and Google alike. We optimize images, minify code, and maintain our databases. Both your customers and Google’s crawlers will appreciate fast load times and have a higher opinion of you after interacting with your site.

Why You Need a Fast Website:

  • 47% of consumers expect web pages to load in <2 seconds
  • 40% will abandon web pages that take >3 seconds
  • 52% of online shoppers say load times affect their brand loyalty
  • Up to 75% will switch to a different website rather than wait

Source: Econsultancy

Clean Code

There are virtually unlimited ways to code a website, but some are clearly better than others. We adhere to Google’s recommendations and expectations, coding our websites in HTML5 and CSS3 with lightweight code structure. Our custom site framework includes elements from Twitter bootstrap and Roots, two of the most widely-supported website structures available today. Vogue, Newsweek, and many of the other top sites on the web are built with this same technology.

Schema Markup

Schema is an important SEO tactic; it is a method of highlighting and categorizing content for search engine robots. It tells them the difference between an address and a name, a product and a service, etc. Every site we build has schema installed; we speak the language Google speaks! Properly codifying data in this way helps search engines read, understand, and use your website, making them more likely to show you in the top of their results.

Why You Need an Optimized Website:

Did you know that less than 3% of websites are currently tagged with rich markup code, but those sites comprise 36.6% of Google’s search results?
Source: Search Engine Journal

Conversion Focused

The ultimate goal of our websites is to drive results for your business. We increase your bottom line by identifying what makes your company unique, what your customers expect, and how a website can best connect those elements together.

Optimized for User Experience (UX)

Our web designers make it as simple as possible for visitors to complete your desired interaction. We make it easy for them to make a purchase, get directions or contact you.

Custom Contact Forms

Have you ever submitted a contact form and never received a response? Have you tried to fill out a form that was clunky and unintuitive? We do contact forms differently, using fully-tested and properly-formatted source code. Your contact form will even send an automatic and personalized “thank you” message when a potential customer submits a form! Collecting valuable lead data through your site will never be easier than with a DFS Business Solutions custom contact form!

Google Analytics Integration

Measuring the success of your website is crucial in understanding your customers. Powered by Google Analytics, our sites come standard with detailed reporting that will help you learn more about your cliental than you ever thought possible.